Meet Danielle: A Senior Leader Who's Not Afraid To Use Her Voice

culture diversity equity inclusion leadership managing moms Nov 02, 2021

Moms this one's for you! The way she totally nails the subtle signaling and stigma many working moms feel in corporate America is SPOT ON. On this timely episode of LEAD with Dr. Leslie, we chat about the pressures of being pregnant and going on maternity leave, how Danielle's always been seen as a "challenger" in the male-dominated tech industry, and how other women can be better allies for moms in the workplace. 

Danielle's desire to create a truly honest space for mothers to share their stories cast a light on the experiences of trauma and mental illness that mothers really needed to hear from each other. Her website, seeks to destigmatize mental illness and promote holistic well-being for all mothers. The site also serves as a convenient services marketplace so mothers can hear from experts and get connected to reputable wellbeing support with just a few clicks. Recently, I wrote an article as one of the site experts as well! Check it out: 7 Ways To Transform Your Career By Developing Emotional Intelligence

This one's less than 30 min long and soooo worth the listen. 


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