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Advice for Women Navigating Bias in the Workplace

I was recently interviewed by Solita Roberts, image coach and speaker, about systemic barriers women face in the workplace and how they show up in response to our verbal and nonverbal expressions of ourselves.

We talked about the tightrope women walk when using direct communication styles and how we can deal with this challenge with a strategic, yet authentic, approach. We dug into how our identities are expressed through our wardrobe which is why it's so important to challenge outdated ideas about what professional "looks like" as the workforce diversifies. I also share a HUGE RED FLAG that signals you should look for a new job right away.

In the interview, I share my mission and belief that as we climb the ladder, we have the responsibility to change systems and barriers that prevent some people from achieving the same success.

Visit Solita at Style To Impact and check out her free EBOOK: The Style To Impact Formula- Your Guide to Unshakable Style Confidence

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